Are you attending the Star Wars Celebration this year?

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

It’s not too late to get your tickets to this absolutely huge event that will be going on from April 13th, 2017, to April 16th, 2017. The Star Wars Celebration event is going to be at the Orlando Convention Center, in Orlando Florida. I will be attending the event on Friday and Saturday, so stay tuned for all of the awesome pictures I will be posting after the event.

Hotels are still available in the Convention Center area, it would be better for you to buy your tickets to the event before the event starts because ticket prices will increase by ten dollars each day. Right now it costs $65 for Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Saturday it’s $75, if you wait it will be $75 for each of the three days and $85 on Saturday.

Hayden Christensen was recently added to the huge list of celebrities that will be there, Hayden’s tickets for autographs and photo ops were sold out within hours of his announcement. There is a rumor spreading that Disney and Lucasfilm are bringing Hayden back for a Darth Vader trilogy. What are your thoughts on this? Do you like or dislike the idea?

So, say you purchased your ticket, and reserved your hotel, what next? Well, if you go to and create a login, then you can start to plan out your visit. They have what times the celebs are going to be signing autographs, vendors and privately owned businesses selling awesome merchandise and what booth they are going to be located at.

The thing I like best about panning your visit is, they have stars next to people that will be their selling all kinds of merchandise and next to everything else too. When you click the star, it automatically adds it to your favorites, that is definitely a big help because when you are attending the event, all you have to do is go to your favorites and see what booth you want to go to first.

They also have show exclusive products that you will be able to get while attending the event, special discount promotions and offers too, you will find. I will be taking a ton of pictures so stay tuned for them, I will also be going live on Facebook while I attend the Celebration on Friday and Saturday. Follow me at if your interested to see what will be going on.

I would like to personally thank you for reading this post on the Star Wars Celebration! I hope to see you at the event, if you are unable to make it, I encourage you to follow me on Facebook so you will be able to see what I will be seeing. Are you dressing up? Who are you dressing up as? The 501st Legion and many, many more cosplayers will be at this event too. It is definitely going to be an event tat will be remembered for a lifetime!

I would love to hear your thoughts below on the Star Wars Celebration, thanks again!

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