Are you ready for Star Wars Rogue One?

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

Are you ready for Star Wars Rogue One? I can’t wait for the Star Wars Rogue One movie to come out! This movie looks like it’s going to be so good, the dialogue looks good so far, the battles look like their going to be epic. I’m looking forward to seeing Darth Vader and what battles he’s involved in, their has been speculation that he will be fighting more in this film. What do you think?

Do you think we will see more fighting from Darth Vader?

Fandango was shut down! Monday tickets went on sale for Star Wars Rogue One, and Fandango was so overwhelmed, they had to create a waiting room for people trying to pre order tickets. The article that I read on Monday said they believe this movie will be second to Star Wars The Force Awakens, I on the other hand have said it once and I’ll say it again, I think Rogue One will shatter The Force Awakens!

Below I have the trailer to Star Wars Rogue One for all of you to watch again if you’d like! I hope all of you Star Wars fans are just as excited as I am about this movie coming out. December 16th can’t get here fast enough! Do you think the Rogue One will beat what Star Wars The Force Awakens did in the box office?

Honestly from here on out, I think each and every Star Wars movie that comes out will be bigger and better, and do better in the box office than the last one did. Let’s not forget Disney will be opening up the all new Disney Star Wars Land in Orlando, Florida, and in California soon in 2017 as well. The joy it is to be a Star Wars fan right now!

We all know there will be no defeating Darth Vader in the Rogue One, but since this movie is said to have taken place before A New Hope, maybe we will see a glimpse of a young and growing Princess Leia, or Luke Skywalker! Although they haven’t been seen in the previews, there’s no telling what Star Wars will do next.

What do you all think? Do you think we will see Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker at all in the Rogue One? Do you think we will see the Emperor in the Rogue One? I would love to hear your thoughts on this below!

I would like to personally thank you for reading my post, and for visiting! As many of you know, tickets for the Rogue One just went on sale yesterday. I have a strong feeling that Star Wars Rogue One is going to shatter what The Force Awakens did in the box office when it was released. Until next time my friends, thank you and may the force be with you all!

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