Big News For Star Wars!!!

Hello Again Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

These past few days have been huge for Star Wars and Star Wars Fans! Sunday, January 22, 2017 Star Wars Rogue One surpassed one billion dollars worldwide. I have seen Star Wars Rogue One once at the movies, and would love to go see it again, I’ve seen that some people have gone three or four times to see one of the best episodes of the greatest sagas in the world!

I really enjoyed watching Rogue One as it told a great story about how Princess Leia received the plans to destroy the Death Star in A New Hope. But, when Darth Vader comes out in the end to try to prevent the Death Star plans from being stolen, was epic to say the least. I believe we witnessed a little bit of every special ability that Darth Vader possibly has, in that short scene!

Darth Vader was not happy with the resistance army and he killed twenty to thirty resistance soldiers trying to get the Death Star plans back. I feel that this scene will be the iconic scene to this movie! Darth Vader comes in, using the force to stop the blaster shots, throwing the resistance army all over the place, pinning them to the ceiling and cutting them with his light saber after walking by them.

I waited all movie to see how badass Darth Vader was going to be, and I was not disappointed! Were you? How many times have you seen Star Wars Rogue One? What are your thoughts and feelings about the movie? Were you as excited to see Darth Vader as I was? I would love to hear what you think about Rogue One below!

The other big news is that today, January 23, 2017 Star Wars has released the name to Episode 8, that comes out in December of 2017. Star Wars The Last Jedi is the title of Episode 8!

Now, I may be the first one to say this, but I truly hope we do not lose our Luke in Episode 8! We know that Disney and George Lucas agreed not o do CGI on Princess Leia going forward, so I’m already expecting that she may die in Episode 8.

Here’s a thought, will Kylo Ren kill his mother like he killed his father (Han Solo) in The Force Awakens and Luke gets angry and, in turn, kills Kylo Ren? Or will Rey kill Kylo Ren? What do you all think will become of Finn? Will Luke train Finn as well to become a Jedi?

I would like to personally thank you for not only visiting, but for also reading my post! I’m very eager to hear your thoughts on the topics above, please feel free to leave me comment below, and I will be sure to respond in a timely manner. Stay tuned for more to come, as I am always adding new and exciting content! Thanks again!

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