Do you collect Star Wars Steins?

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

How many of my fellow Star Wars fans out there collect Star Wars Steins? I have one that I found at the local flea market! The stein that I purchased for twenty dollars, is the Star Wars Trilogy Series, Return of the Jedi limited edition stein. Number 669 out of 19,500 made. I walked away with the best buy of the day, that day!

Here are some pictures of the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Stein!

So, I would like to make it very easy for all of my fellow Star Wars collector’s out there, and show you some of the coolest Star Wars Steins that Amazon has to offer! Feel free to click on the pictures below to see more about each Star Wars Stein!

The first Star Wars Stein I would like to share with you is this wicked awesome, Star Wars C3-PO 22oz, Collectible Ceramic Mug with Metal Hinge!

Unless you’re strictly Dark Side, I know you will love this Star Wars Stein. I choose products to share with you all by picking out the “stand out” products, the ones that scream ” pick me, pick me”.

This C3P0 Stein is a stand out to me not only because he is a gold character, but it’s not all the time that see C3P0. Usually you would see Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper for instance, or everyone’s favorite character, Chewbacca! don’t waste any time, get your collector’s Star Wars Collectible Steins today!

Hey, now here is the first Star Wars Stein of the collection that my stein is apart of. I introduce to you, the Star Wars: A New Hope ceramic collectible Stein!

This is one stein trilogy set that every Star Wars collector should have. I really like how they have multiple characters around the stein, and the quality of the detail is absolutely tremendous!

Of course these steins wouldn’t be used to drink anything out of it. I would certainly not take the risk of it dropping and breaking, or when you wash it have anything happen to the picture on the stein.

This Star Wars stein is a show piece only, who knows, it may be worth something in fifteen or twenty years from now!

To see the ret of the Star Wars Steins, click here!

I would like to personally thank you for visiting and for also reading this post too! Do you collect Star Wars Steins? How big of a collection do you have? I would love to see pictures of your collection below. How long have you collected Star Wars Steins? Until next time my friends, may the force be with you all. Thanks again!

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