I’d like to introduce to you, the Topps Star Wars Black and White set!

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

One of the most anticipated Topps sets to release in 2018, the Star Wars A New Hope Black and White Set! As always, I will be sharing the work of several sketch artists that I am friends with, that have provided photos of the masterpieces they created for this set.

What is there to chase?

Great question! A complete base set from 1-140 would be a start, when purchasing a case, you will get almost four complete base sets, much less than say The Last Jedi, which was pretty much a base set per box, and there’s twelve boxes in a case. It makes it harder for the collectors that don’t buy boxes to get, because they’re not so massively produced.

Base parallels come in the following colors: sepia, blue, green (#/99), purple (#/25), red (#/10), and metal (1/1). Insert sets to chase are Behind The Scenes, Iconic Characters, and Poster cards! Hits include: Hand drawn sketches, by the best artists you will find today, Autograph cards and parallel Autograph cards Blue /99, Green /25, Purple /10, and Red 1/1. You may also find a Dual Autograph, Triple Autograph, or even a Six-Person Autograph card!

Not only is the Six-Person Auto one of the MOST sought after autos from this set, the next would have to be the Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew Dual Autograph, and I seen a friend pull it live too! There are only three of these Duals Autographs made for this set, and a friend that lives in Germany pulled one of them. Everyone was so blown away and in shock, it was great, congrats again my friend!

I think Topps did a pretty good job on this set, the cards look very nice in all parallels, the autos look great even though I feel the dual and triple autos could have been a little better in regards to the combos of signers, but between the inserts, the base cards, autos, and sketches, this set is a must have for A New Hope fans! I was able to purchase one of the metal cards and I couldn’t be happier.

Continuing the fun, let’s talk sketch cards. The amazing artists have created so many more masterpieces for us collectors, the work is truly phenomenal. Not only did they do normal sketch cards, but they also have die-cut Vader and Trooper sketches as well! I have another close friend, that I’ve known since high school, that is putting a collection of the Die-Cut sketches together, and he has some beauties, as shown here in this photo. Below are pictures of the sketches that I pulled out of the case I purchased.

The time has now come, for me to share with you all some of the sketches that some of the marvelous artists created for us! Again, these photos were sent to me by each of the artists, along with their social media info. I encourage you all to follow them and message them directly if you’re interested in purchasing any of their artwork, enjoy!

Dave Gaskin:  Instagram: _bikerscout_
FB: Dave Gaskin Illustration
Twitter: BikerScout
Web: davegaskin.com

Matthew Stewart:

Garret Dix:  Instagram @garrett_dix_artist

Patrick Davis:

Instagram @pdavis1125

Marsha Parkins:

Thanks you to all of the sketch card artists for allowing me to showcase your work, these are all wonderfully done!

I would like to personally thank you for not only visiting Star-Wars-Everything.com, but for also taking the time to read my post on the Topps Star Wars ANH Black and White set! Did you purchase any boxes/cases of this product? What was your best pull? I would love to hear your thoughts below : ) What did you like most/least about this set? Share some of your pulls/hits below : ) MTFBWY


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