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Well we have a lot to talk about today! I’m sure you all know about The Last Jedi will be coming out this December, the first Han Solo stand alone movie will be coming out in May of 2018. Now, a Boba Fett and Yoda movie has been confirmed! What?! Are you serious?! Yes I am!

The idea was pitched to Disney about doing a remake of the Seven Samurai and naming it the Seven Jedi, revolving around Master Yoda and how he came to be the Master Jedi he was. I don’t know about you guys, but I am super stoked to hear this! To read the full article, please visit my Facebook page.

I’m pretty excited about a Boba Fett stand alone movie(s) too. To see where the bounty hunter, and possible other bounty hunters came from, maybe showing some battles between them would be pretty cool, what do you think?

Topps has three more sets of really cool cards coming out this year! The first set that is due out in September (2017) is the Journey To The Last Jedi set, Masterwork set due out in November, and The Last Jedi set that’s due out in December.

Topps will also be releasing the mega set of all sets! They are doing a 40, yes you seen that right, 40 autograph set from unique signers. This box guarantees a 1/1 red autograph card, a this set is selling for a whopping 10k, yes that’s right, ten thousand dollars! These boxes are limited to only 100 boxes made, so its going to be a very limited set.

Here are some unofficial photos of what the new High Tek set will look like, due out in November!

Here are some unofficial photos of what the new Masterwork set will look like this November!

Here are some unofficial photos of the new Journey to The Last Jedi due out in September!

Here is a teaser photo of The Last Jedi set due out in December! When more photos are released from this set, they will be posted!








I would like to thank you all for reading this post on More Star Wars buzzzzzzz! What are you looking forward to most? Movies? Topps Cards? Which movie? Which Topps set? I’d love to hear your thoughts below, as I am always fascinated to see what other Star Wars fans think, or what they’re hoping to see. If you have any questions about the Topps sets, please don’t hesitate to ask below, and I will get back to you in a fashionable manner.

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