Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

I have a lot to cover this week, I’ll be sharing with you the Topps Denny’s Solo Set that was released recently, we’ll also be getting ready for the new SOLO movie and the Topps set that comes with it, strap in tight and get set for another adventure through the galaxy!

Lets start by talking about the Solo: A Star Wars Story movie, that’s due to release on May 25,2018. Now most people that I talk to, that don’t really know a whole lot about Star Wars, always ask me what number in the ever growing saga, is this Solo movie that’s coming out.

Well, the Solo movie that will be in theaters on May 25th, is the first of it’s own trilogy. Disney is taking us back to where Han Solo came from, how he met Chewbacca, and how he obtained the Millennium Falcon! The trailer to the movie actually looks pretty interesting to me, the action parts look great, we’ll have to see how the story line plays out.

Here is the trailer to the new Solo: A Star Wars Story for those of you that have yet to see it.

A few weeks ago now, Denny’s (a diner/restaurant) had an exclusive Solo set of cards that they had released, apparently there will be a series two to it too. It’s a neat set, the set shows us some of the characters that will be in the movie, and on the back they are individual puzzle pieces, that when completed, displays a nice picture. Here are photos of my set below.

I only need Han Solo himself in order to complete my set. They also had foil cards available to possibly pull out of one of these packs too, but sadly, I have yet to pull one. To see some that have been pulled and that are for sale, please click here. Be sure to check your local Denny’s for Solo series one and series two, which will be coming soon!

Topps also created a Solo set, as Topps does with every Star Wars movie that has been made, and as we sit eagerly and wait for May 25, 2018 to arrive, so that we can open our purchased boxes in excitement, hoping for great and awesome cards! As of right now, the complete list of signers hasn’t been released yet, collectors sit and wait patiently until it is revealed to us.

I would personally like to see Woody Harrelson be a signer for this set, I like Woody Harrelson as an actor and I hope I like him in the new Solo movie too. But it would be really cool to pull an auto of his from this set! More info on this will be announced as soon as I know more : )

Did you put a Denny’s set together? Did you get lucky enough to pull a foil card? What’s your overall opinion on the Topps Denny’s Set?

What are you most looking forward to in the new Solo: A Star Wars Story movie due out in theaters on May 25, 2018? What are your thoughts based n the trailer? What do you think about the cast of Solo?

Did you preorder any of the Topps official Solo: A Star Wars Story set? Who are you hoping to see on the signers list?

If you’re interested in pre ordering any hobby boxes for the Solo set, email me at, or click here!

I would like to personally thank you for not only visiting, but for also taking the time to read my post on Solo as well! I would love to hear your thoughts on the Denny’s set, the Solo trailer, and the Topps Solo Set as well below. Please feel free to share photos of your collection, or maybe any foil cards you pulled : ) As always, MTFBWY!

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