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Hello Everybody!!

I am very, very excited to tell you about the new Star Wars Battlefront game that’s out for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

This is a game that I have waited for, for quite some time now. Between the different game battles that you can play online, and the missions that are also available.

The graphics on Star Wars Battlefront for Xbox One are insane! The clarity and speed and control of the game is awesome.

Here is a list of the different online multiplayer game types on the new Star Wars Battlefront:

*Heroes VS Villains – In this game type, you will randomly be put on either the Jedi Side or the Dark Side. Then, yet again randomly you may spawn as Luke, Leia, or Han Solo if on the Jedi Side. Darth Vader, Senator Palpatine, and Boba Fett are the random Dark Side or Villains that you may play as.

Note, if you don’t spawn as one of these characters you will spawn as a rebel fighter or a storm trooper depending on which side your on.

*Fighter Squadron – This has to be my favorite game type so far. In this game type you are flying around trying to blow up your enemies (again your either put on the Jedi team or the Dark Side). If your on the Jedi Side you will be flying the X-Wing or the A-Wing fighter jets. If your on the Dark Side you will be flying the Imperial Fighter ship.

*Cargo – Start off by killing your enemies and make your way to the enemies cargo. Pick up the cargo and take it back to your base to score a point. The team at the end of the round with the most cargo’s wins. If your not big on trying to get the cargo and return it, you may simply stay behind and defend your cargo.

*Blast – First team to 100 kills wins. Simply run around the map or “camp” in one spot and just kill your opponents. Sounds easy right?

*Supremacy – A massive 20 vs 20 match – use every means necessary to push the enemy back or kill them and capture their control point. Be aware though, the enemy will be trying to not only defend against you but they will be trying to capture your control point as well. The first team to capture all three control points wins, or the team with the most control points captured when time runs out wins.

*Walker Assault – Massive Imperial walkers descend on a Rebel stronghold in an epic game of attack and defend.

*Drop Zone – Kill the enemies and capture more drop pods than the enemy team to win.

*Hero Hunt – Test your skills and play as a single hero against a squad of enemies.

*Droid Run – Fast paced action with three moving droids to capture and hold while killing your enemies in the process.

*Turning Point – The Imperial fleet defends against a furious Rebel assault on Jakku.

Star Wars Battlefront also has three mission game types that you can play co-op offline. Training missions are what you may start off by completing, here you will learn the ways of the Force, pilot X-wings, Airspeeders, AT-ST’s, andspeeder bikes. The missions get more challenging a you progress further.

The second Mission category is Battle Missions – Here you will compete head-to-head against a friend or the computer.

Survival Missions are last and basically you try to survive as long as you can by battling Imperial troops. Again this gets harder the longer you last.

There’s also a Community Challenge that changes randomly as you complete them by playing different game types online.

Please stay tuned for more Star Wars Battlefront news to come!

I found these really sweet Star Wars decals for your Xbox One or PS4, and controllers too! They use to make the special edition Star Wars systems, but I don’t believe they are doing that anymore as all I was able t find were the decals. Bummer I know, but hey, decals work just fine and honestly on the flip side, if you ever want to change the decal your able to. If it was the actual Xbox or PlayStation you wouldn’t have that luxury now would you?

So without further ado, here are some of the Star Wars Decals for Xbox One and PS4 I have found!

To see the rest of the Star Wars Xbox One and PS4 Decals, click here!

I would like to personally thank you for visiting! I truly hope you enjoyed your time here. Do you currently play Battlefront? How long have you been playing for? What level rank are you? What system do you play on? I would love to hear your feedback below! What game mode do you play most/least? I can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks Again and may the force be with you all!

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