Star Wars Christmas Decor

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!


Hello again everyone! My favorite time of year is upon us again, Thanksgiving is merely a few weeks away with Christmas coming soon after! Pretty soon the Christmas decorations will be coming out and every ones neighborhood will be lit up so bright. I have seen a few that have already decorated for Christmas and more importantly were the inspiration for this page, because their whole Christmas tree was Star Wars, it was so cool, I have never seen anything like it before.

I mean the Death Star Christmas Tree Topper, tons of Star Wars Lights and Ornaments, it was absolutely amazing! I have pictures and an amazing video that was provided to us by my new friend, Eric Henderson, Thank you Eric for sharing your wonderful pictures and video! It truly is an awesome Christmas tree and the first completely done Star Wars Christmas tree I have ever seen. Sure I have Star Wars Ornaments, who doesn’t? But the whole tree? True Star Wars fans appreciate it and love it!


This Christmas, lets go all out and not only decorate our Christmas tree in all Star Wars, but how about the whole house too, inside and out! I’m talking Star Wars Inflatables for the front yard, Star Wars Christmas Lights for inside and outside, MORE Star Wars Ornamentsthan ever, Star Wars Christmas Stockings for stocking presents, and we can’t forget about the Star Wars Christmas Tree Toppers too.

In my house, I would probably have to have two Christmas trees, because I know my girlfriend is not that much into Star Wars to have an all Star Wars Christmas Tree. She is a huge bear lover though, if I got her some Star Wars bears, I’m sure she would enjoy that! But she has already confirmed, I would have to have my Star Wars Christmas Tree in my “man cave”.


And now, the long awaited, infamous Star Wars Christmas tree video is here!


I would like to personally thank you for visiting, and more importantly the Star Wars Christmas Décor page! I would also like to thank Eric Richardson once again for providing such great photos and video of his amazing Star Wars Christmas tree and ornaments! The amount of appreciation that I have for you doing that is tremendous, thank you!

Do you have an all Star Wars Christmas Tree of your own? How long have you had it? Is it the only Christmas tree you have in your house? I would love to hear your thoughts below! Feel free to post pictures of your Star Wars Christmas tree too! Thanks Again!

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