Star Wars Battle Packs Action Figures

Hello Again Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!


To ALL Star Wars fans that love action figures, these Star Wars Battle Packs Action Figures sets I know you’ll love! Some of the Star Wars Battle Pack Action Figure sets that I have seen are exclusive sets with rare figures, there pretty awesome if you ask me!

The Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 Battle Pack that you will see below, comes with a new Starkiller figure, the 1st Darth Phobos figure, the 1st Imperial Navy Commando and Commando Officer figures, and a Clean Imperial EVO Trooper figure!

Here are some of the Star Wars Battle Pack Action Figures that I have found for you so far…

To see the rest of the Star Wars Battle Pack Action Figures, click here!

I would like to personally thank you for visiting! Do you collect Star Wars Battle Pack Action Figures? How long have you been collecting? I would love to see or hear about your collection below! The older ones collection is, the more intrigued I am. I can appreciate ones collection more if they started there collection ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, and still collect today.

See, right now if you tried to purchase anything Star Wars from the ’80’s films, whether it’s action figures or the toy ships, there going to be quite expensive and most likely in great condition still. But someone that had purchased it back when it came out and never let it get ruined all these years, and continued to collect over the years I’m sure has a very nice collection. I always encourage everyone to join in and converse with me, let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks again!

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