Star Wars Kotobukiya ArtFX Figures

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

Hello again Star Wars fans all over! Today, I bring you the Star Wars Kotobukiya ArtFX Figures, hands down, the highlight pieces to any Star Wars Collection. I have said it before, you can find some very awesome Star Wars collectible pieces within the Star Wars groups on Facebook. This one being a perfect example.

Here in Saint Petersburg Florida, there is a local store called Emerald City, and a few years ago I went in for the first time. I’m telling you, I didn’t want to leave, I was in heaven! They had a plethora of Star Wars action figures, vintage figures, collectibles, but what really caught my eye, were these Kototbukiya ArtFX Figures.

There were so many of them, and they were all different, I could not believe what I was seeing! Below, there will be pictures of the Star Wars Kotobukiya ArtFX Figures, please feel free to click on any of them, to be taken to that respective product description. Without further ado, here are eight of the most awesome Star Wars Kotobukiya ArtFX Figures, that I have found to share with you!

To see the rest of the Star Wars Kotobukiya ArtFX Figures, click here!

I would like to personally thank you for not visiting, but for also visiting the Star Wars Kotobukiya ArtFX Figures page as well! Do you collect these figures? Which ones do you have? I would love to see a picture of your collection, please feel free to share some with us below. How long have you been collecting the Star Wars Kotbukiya ArtFX Figures for? Thanks again!

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