Star Wars Play Arts Figures

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

Hello to all of my fellow Star Wars fans out there! Now when I seen these Star Wars Play Arts Figures on Facebook, I just knew I had to have them on this site. These figures are so cool! Again, the collections I have seen on Facebook of these Star Wars Play Arts Figures are insane. I’ve seen folks had them setup on display in a glass case, and I’ve seen others that have left them in the box and display them, I guarantee you when you see these figures, you will agree that it is hard to keep them packaged!

Even though there are only four of them, I promise you it will make one heck of a collection, and I do hope that the creators of these figures see this page and create more outstanding Star Wars Variant Play Arts Figures like the ones you will see below! Whether your a Star Wars collector or not, I know your going to love and appreciate these Star Wars Play Arts Figures, enjoy!

I would like to personally thank you for visiting! What do you think about the Star Wars Play Arts Variant Figures? Do you have a collection going? Are you up for posting a picture of your collection below? Do you have a favorite character, if so which one? I would love to hear your feedback below! I don’t have any of them yet, but very soon I will. I think Darth Vader will be my first buy, what do you think? Thanks again!

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