Star Wars Clone Wars Toys

Hello again Star Wars Fans!!!

I’m here today to talk about some of the coolest Star Wars Clone Wars Toys that I have found. Check out this awesome electronic tank vehicle, as seen in the animated series.

Tank features include electronic lights and sounds, rotating crow’s nests and gunner’s station and missile accessory-firing cannon pods. You can also store weapons on the weapon accessories storage rack!

You can even remove the back section and it becomes a bunker. No way! Yes way! This vehicle holds up to 20 figures (figures each sold separately).

Look at this BEAST!! Click on the picture to get yours today!

The next Star Wars Clone Wars Toy I would like to share with you is the Republic Tank Vehicle!

A Republic Fighter Tank blasts attacking Battle Droids! The tanks are used by Jedi and Clone Troopers but have been specially designed to take advantage of a Jedi’s Force-heightened abilities.

The tanks have laser cannons and missile launchers to bombard the enemy, and armor that can withstand heavy fire without sacrificing speed or agility. Thunder into serious intergalactic adventure with this powerful Republic Fighter Tank vehicle.

The enemy forces won’t know what to do when you put one of your Star Wars figures (sold separately) in this heavily armored moving combat unit and send it into battle. When they try to attack, open fire with the blaster cannons. It’s going to be the fight of a lifetime with the Republic Fighter Tank vehicle.

Last but not least!

This play set allows you to re-create the major battle scenes from Episode II of the Star Wars series!

Add figures, vehicles, and accessories (all sold separately) to re-create the Geonosian arena battle; the Battle Droid and Super Battle Droid factory; the climactic duel in the “secret” hangar; the arrival of the Clone Troopers in the Republic Gunship; or other scenes.

The playset features different environments on each side! Don’t wait, get your today!


To see more awesome Star Wars Clone Wars Toys, click here style=!

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