Star Wars Wall Decor

Hello Star Wars Fans All Over!!

Wouldn’t it be cool to have Star Wars on your wall? Well look no further!

My dream is to one day have a very big house, with a large den area/ game room. One wall would be black with white specs that look like stars to make believe your in space. I would have the wall decorated with all of the Star Wars Ships and Fighters!

How cool would that be?!?! To have your own Galactic Battle going on, right there on your wall!

Another wall could be a forest type with a bunch of trees, and you could have an Ewok Village!

The third wall could be a snowy looking wall, and have the great big walkers on that wall with the fighters trying to take them down!

The last wall could be a Characters Wall, showcasing all of the Star Wars Characters!

To see the rest of the Star Wars Character Wall Clings, click here!

No matter how you decorate your wall, I am sure it will look awesome when finished!

I would like to thank you all for visiting the Wall Décor page here at, do you have Star Wars Wall Décor in your room? Man cave or bedroom? How many do you have? Which ones are your favorite? I would love to hear your feedback below! Thanks again!

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