The Topps Chrome Legacy Case Break!

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

Here is the full breakdown for this case break. There will be 16 spots at $55 per spot. Choose your spot and payments will be due via PayPal, once this fills. If this fills quickly then I will put up another one.

16/$55 16 spots at $55 per spot, snake draft style which means we’ll go from 1-16, then 16-1. There are two hits per box and 8 boxes per case, so all of the other cards will go in the second round of the draft.

480 cards total in one case, all of them will be chosen by the end of the draft. July 24th is the anticipated release date for this set, so once I’m notified that this case has been shipped I’ll then set the date and time it will be opened.

Once again, when the draft is over, payment for shipping will be due. I’ll send out emails as reminders and have everything set up and ready to go.

1 autograph or sketch card guaranteed per box plus one additional hit, which will either be a second autograph card, sketch, or a droid commemorative medallion card.

There is a possibility of pulling a porg shaped sketch card as well! Auto parallels are: blue /99, green /50, orange /25, black /10, red /5, superfractor 1/1.

The droid commemorative medallion cards come in the same parallels as the autograph cards. The insert cards come in the above parallels minus the blue /99 ones.

Base cards have refractors and then begin with blue /99 parallels to superfractor 1/1 parallels. The refractors come 1:3 packs. There are also dual autograph cards to chase as well, they come in black /10 parallels, red /5 parallels, and 1/1 superfractor parallels.

Please comment on this post if you’d like to join in on the extreme fun! I’ll add your name below and once it’s filled we’ll collect payments. If you have any questions please be sure to check out my post on all you need to know – Case breaks. If you still have a question, comment below or email me at

Follow me on Facebook, and please subscribe to the email here on this site. I’ll send out reminder emails and info on future breaks too!

Thank you all and may the force be with you!!!








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