To All My Star Wars Lego Collector’s Out There!

Hello Again Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!


Today I’d like to talk to you about the new Star Wars Rogue One Lego sets that are out and getting us geared up for this December when Rogue One releases in theaters! Now if your a fan of Lego’s or even Star Wars Lego’s like I am then you are going to absolutely love these Rogue One Lego’s that I have found.

I’m talking Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle, the Star Wars Rogue Shadow Ship, and Captain Rey’s AT-TE just to name a few! I’ve been collecting Star Wars Lego’s for three years now and I have a rather small, but nice collection so far. I’ve seen some extraordinary collections on Facebook in the Star Wars Lego Collection Group that I am very lucky to be apart of!

There are some folks that have been collecting Star Wars Lego’s for as long as I’ve been alive, there collections are so extravagant! I’ve seen displays of there collections and massive dioramas that have been creatively made as well. All of them are very cool indeed!

So without further ado here are the some of the Star Wars Rogue One Lego Sets that I wanted to share with you all today!

To see more of the Star Wars Rogue One Lego’s, click here!

I would like to personally thank you for not only visiting, but for also reading this post! Do you collect Star Wars Lego’s? How long have you been collecting Star Wars Lego’s for? Feel free to share pictures of your collection with us below! Are you looking forward to Star Wars Rogue One coming out? Let me know what you think below! Thanks again!

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