Topps trading card Case Breaks – All you need to know!

Hello Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

Happy Tuesday to you all, I hope everyone is having a great day! I am going to start hosting Topps Star Wars Card Case Breaks. This post will have all the info you’ll need in order to participate.

What is a Case Break?

A Case Break is a case of Star Wars Topps cards that gets opened by me, live on our Facebook page. Some cases have 8 boxes of cards inside, some have 12 boxes, some are 6 boxes, so it varies per set.

How does it work?

A hit card is an autograph card or a sketch card most times. Most sets have relic cards and or medallion cards. Based off how many hits there are in a Case will determine how many spots we have. I’d like to keep the price minimal or the spot count minimal so it’s worth the money spent.

Once the spots are all claimed then everyone will pay the amount per spot, or spots if multiple spots were claimed. Then once everyone has paid the Case will be ordered at which I will then email all of the participants when the break will take place (date and time).

I will also post on our Facebook group and I’ll send out reminder emails up until the break, to ensure everyone gets to watch. The date of opening cases will be the arrival date, time will be determined later.

When I order the case I will then randomize the list to get our draft order, which will also be done live.

Open & Draft!

After all boxes are opened and all hits have been shown the draft will begin. Just to be clear, picking spot number one before the Case is opened does not mean you will have the first spot in the draft. The draft order will be randomized.

When the draft is finished and all cards have been claimed I will prep for shipping. Please subscribe to the email on this site so that I’m able to email you reminders and future break info. Also email me your address for shipping and I’ll calculate the cost and shipping payments will be due then.

I ship cards the way I’d want to receive cards!

Shipping with a tracking number is a must! I will not ship without a tracking number, it covers both of us if the package was to get lost, which rarely happens, but it does happen.

I’m always up for recommendations on breaks but it will only be Star Wars cards that will be opened here.

Any 1/1 Pulled?

The participants on the break will have a shot at randomly winning any 1/1 card that is pulled! 1/1 autos are counted as a hit to be chosen in the draft, any 1/1 parallel pulled will be given to a random individual that participated in that break.

I will list all breaks on this site and share that post on my Facebook page and other social media’s. Simply comment on the post on this site which number spot you’d like to get and I’ll add you in and we’ll have lots of fun.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the email here, please, to stay up to date on break info, future breaks, and more!

I would like to personally thank you all for not only reading this post, but for also visiting as well! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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