What an experience!!!

Star Wars Fans Everywhere!!!

I had the opportunity to go to the Museum of Fine Arts to see The Star Wars and the Power of Costumes display that they do, I would highly recommend it, it was absolutely amazing!

The Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg Florida, is hosting this event, where you can go and be within inches of costumes that were worn by the stars of the greatest saga ever! They had the Darth Vader costume that Hayden Christensen wore in Revenge of the Sith! They also had Padme costumes, Darth Sidious and Emperor Palpatine costumes, Luke and young Anakin, and many more!

I really enjoyed seeing all of the original concept drawings from artists, Ralph McQuarrie and Ian Mcaig. I took so many pictures to share with all of you! I am a huge fan of art, especially Star Wars Art, I completely respect the time and effort put into the artwork, simply blows my mind, but it’s also neat seeing how and where Star Wars started. George Lucas had a vision and he made it come true, and to be able to see it up close, from beginning to end, it was truly something special!

Without further ado, here are the photos I took while attending the Star Wars Power of Costume event, at the Museum of Fine Arts, enjoy! Click on at of the photos below to see the “actual size” of that photo.

What do you think about the Star Wars Power of Costumes? What picture(s) did you like most? Have you been to an event like this before? I’d love to hear your thoughts below! To see more photos that were taken with my Nikon digital camera, click here.

I would like to personally thank you for not only reading my post on the Power of Costume event at the Museum of Fine Arts, here in St. Petersburg Florida, but for also visiting Star-Wars-Everything.com as well! If this event comes to a town by you, I highly suggest going to see the amazing costume history from the ever growing, Star Wars saga! MTFBWY

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